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householdHouse Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London.

We offer complete house clearance and flat rubbish clearance within the Greater London area. Any damaged unwanted objects such as sofa, bed, table, mattress, wardrobe, cupboard, kitchen furniture, electrical appliances, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, clothes, desk, filling cabinet, TV etc., anything you don’t want we will collect and dispose for you. You may need more space, had your house refurbished or just purchased a new fridge and old need to be removed – leave this to us. We will organize house clearance for you.

You do not need to spend your precious free time to go through everything or organize skip, van hire to clear the rubbish yourself. All you need to do is call our office to get a free, no obligation quotation for house clearance or flat clearance.

House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

Whether you need a single item or multiple truck loads removed we will do the job, without the hassle of skip hire.

We carefully clear your rubbish from wherever it is: inside your house or from front or back garden. MK LONDYN WASTE will do our job quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to you. You can be assured we are trying our best not to make any mess, but if it happens, we will always clean afterwards.

Trucks come fully equipped for the house clearance london or flat clearance, including brooms, shovels, buckets, rubble bags (for when we need to clear junk through the house).

MK LONDYN WASTE is a licensed waste carrier, ready to carry and dispose of waste from your house or flat.

Our rates are based on the amount and weight of waste cleared. Our fee includes all labour and all disposal fees to licensed waste transfers stations around London. We’re fully licensed and insured, turn up within the 2 hour time slot and recycle, reuse wherever it possible.

Before your house clearance take a moment and read, maybe this will help you to reduce amount of rubbish. Did you know…

House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

From TVs to toasters, mobiles to microwaves, and printers to Playstations, each of us is creating huge amounts of electronic waste. Endearingly known as WEEE-Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment- this problem is growing and growing.

One of the problems is that products are not made to last. Whether it’s your TV, video, washing machine or fridge, it’s often cheaper to get a new one than to get it repaired. But what should you do with the old product? Call MK LONDYN WASTE this is where we can help with our house clearance London service.

European legislation has set quotas for recycling WEEE. Companies making and selling these products will be responsible for their after life and resurrection. But Britain is lagging behind other member states in getting schemes off the ground. By law, since August 2005, 65 percent of computer waste should be recycled, but a year later we weren’t even close.

House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London – MK LONDYN WASTE wants to help to achieve these targets and that is why we introduced the house clearance service.

Masses of computers, mobile phones and other equipment are being chucked away when they’ve still got life in them. We need to push the Government and local councils to put more effort into recycling WEEE. If your electronic equipment has truly died, you should ensure that its components can live again, and not go to waste. MK LONDYN WASTE staff will do everything they can to do their part and help you in saving the planet. The first step is to make recycling as easy as possible. All you need to do is to give us a call to arrange the house clearance and we will do the rest: sort out the rubbish and recycle whatever possible. The rest will be disposed of safely and quickly.

Televisions and Set-Top Boxes- House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

We all have far more television equipment these days, with videos, DVD players, digi-boxes and remote controls for all of them. And that’s before you include computers, MP3 players, Play Stations and mobile phones. In the1960s few people had more than a television, a radio and perhaps a record player. So does it matter? What are the environmental impacts of this tele-explosion? To get help with their removal and safe disposal call MK LONDYN WASTE and ask for house clearance London service.

Carpets and Flooring Carpeting – House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

Those of us who are carpet fans point out, that apart from being cosy, they stop heat escaping. It can reduce noise, and you’re less likely to slip on them. But opponents complain that they collect dust mites, contains  chemicals, use lots of resources and produce tones of waste. I have to agree about the waste. When I moved to my current house every room had old patterned carpets from wall to wall-even the kitchen. I ripped it all out and was rather disappointed to discover that there was no carpet recycling scheme. One of my work men said he would remove them for me, but I then discovered his intention was to burn them. S You no longer need to worry about it as MK LONDYN WASTE has a simple solution – house clearance.

Paints – House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

Get rid of it! The best way of disposing of paint is to reuse it, and Community Repaint helps you do that. It keeps a list of existing paint reuse schemes and encourages people to setup more. You shouldn’t put paint in your normal household waste-I’m afraid it’s yet another thing to take to your local authority hazardous waste point. But some natural paints can actually be composted. If you have a garage or shed full of half empty cans of paint and no longer need them but don’t know what to do with them, contact us. Our house clearance service includes such initiatives as Community Repaint and we will pass the paint to them whenever possible. How many of us where in the same situation wondering what to do with old carpets? I bet the answer is: many.

Furniture – House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

You may not have a friend conveniently chucking out old fittings, but salvage companies of ten have supplies of doors, wood frames and floor boards.  Most local authorities will have wood recycling facilities or can recommend wood reuse projects. Save the forest Style and price are likely to be your top concerns when buying cupboards and shelving. But you should also be thinking about your impact on rain forest sand other wood land areas.

House Clearance London, Rubbish Removal London

doesn’t need to be stressful – it just requires careful management and organization. Our furniture clearance service covers the clearance, removal and disposal of all sorts of home furniture be it; sofa, armchairs or old cupboard. We will take care of removal, all you need to do is to contact us and ask for flat or house clearance.

After flat or house clearance book team of cleaners. Other Services