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Cardboard Recycling London or paper recycling become easier then ever. Just imagine, more than 85% of all goods which are sold within the UK are packed in cardboard boxes. That’s a lot of cardboard, currently being used every day. MK Londyn Waste specialise in cardboard recyling in London and what is the most important we can collect whether you require one off or regular collection of cardboard we will be able to help you.

Exactly where does all of this cardboard come from? It comes from a raw product known as pulp that is obtained from trees. Given that you will find a restricted quantity of trees in the world and we require each and every last one of them to maintain the O2 level, lower the carbon dioxide level and assist within the rain formation cycle within the globe, it makes sense to make an effort and reduce the volume of cardboard all of us use.

As cardboard is bio-degradable, it'll generate the greenhouse gas Methane as it's breaking down therefore it results in landfill |it'll grow the quantity of methane becoming released in to the atmosphere and lead to climatic change as well as use up unnecessary space.

The sorts of cardboard product packaging that may very easily be recycled consist of:

Egg containers

Cereal boxes


Xmas cards

Dog | Cat bedding

Toilet roll holders

Archive Boxes

Boxes used during Removals

The cardboard recycling procedure

Facts About Cardboard Recycling

The procedure of recycling cardboard entails soaking the cardboard in water and mixing it until it's separated into individual fibers. Every time cardboard is recycled the fibers get a bit lengthier but cardboard can continue to be recycled a number of times prior to the fibers break up totally. The cardboard will then be cleaned out and any contaminants such as printer ink, pieces of sticky tape and clips are taken out. Following cleaning, the pulp will be prepared for draining and drying out and rolling directly into sheets that gets rid of any remaining traces of dampness and binds the fibers with each other to create the cardboard. The recycled cardboard is now prepared to create into brand new cardboard boxes and product packaging.

Disposing of cardboard waste, Decrease Reuse Recycle

The very first part of cardboard recycling would be to decrease the quantity of waste created from the 1st location so aim to buy goods having a lowest quantity of packaging. When purchasing bigger items, some firms and producers can take back the cardboard and packaging to recycle, so check to find out if that is an option.

The next step within the recycling approach would be to reuse or find yet another function for cardboard. For instance you could use cardboard boxes of any size for storage. Other choices consist of shredding your used cardboard and utilizing it for family pet bedding or placing it into the compost pile.

The final phase within the cardboard recycling, would be to dispose the used cardboard in the most eco friendly way. MK Londyn Waste offers collections of cardboard and dispose it in specializing in cardboard recycling centers. Where cardboard boxes are segregated, compacted and sent to paper's mills for further processing.

Clearly we are not able to quit packing items so the only sensible alternative left is to reuse the cardboard and recycle the paper.