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House Clearance St James Park Waste Clearance NW8

MKL Waste has been carrying out House Clearance St James Park Waste Clearance NW8 area for many years.

We specialize in house clearance of large or small, cluttered or just refurbished properties. Our experienced and friendly staff will make the whole process of clearance as easy as it is possible, even if you are abroad or contacting us from other city.

We provide our own tippers to remove unwanted items after house clearance. Our aim is to assist you fully by taking care of the entire job from start to finish.

MKL Waste is a professional and environmentally responsible solution for businesses and individuals to get rid of their rubbish and junk quickly and easily. We specialise in house clearance in London area. If you live or work in St James’s Park NW8 contact us on 0208 341 2789 or email us

About St James’s Park NW8/House Clearance St James Park Waste Clearance NW8

St James’s Park is the oldest Royal Park in London and is surrounded by three palaces. The most ancient is Westminster, which has now become the Houses of Parliament, St James’s Palace and of course, the best known, Buckingham Palace.

Having been drained and enclosed for haunting purposes by Henry VIII and opened to the public by Charles II, who used to stroll through the grounds with his mistresses, and even take dip in the canal. By the eighteenth century, when some 6500 people had access to night keys for the gates the park had become something of a byword for robbery and prostitution: diarist James Boswell was among those who went there specifically to be accosted “by several ladies of the town”. The park’s current landscaping was devised by Nash in the 1820s in an elegant style that established a blueprint for the later Victorian city parks.

Today, the banks of the tree-lined lake are a favourite picnic spot for the civil servants of Whitehall and an inner-city reverse for wildfowl. James I’s two crocodiles have left no descendants, alas, but the pelicans (which have resided here ever since a pair was presented to Charles II by the Russian ambassador) can still be seen at the eastern end of the lake, and there are exotic ducks, swans and geese aplenty. St James’s Park From the bridge across the lake there’s a fine view over to Westminster and jumble of domes and pinnacles along Whitehall-even the dull fa?ade of Buckingham Palace looks majestic from here.

House Clearance St James Park Waste Clearance NW8