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House Clearance in Aldgate EC3

MKL Waste has been carrying out house/flat clearance in Aldgate EC3 area for many years. We specialize in house clearance of large or small, cluttered or just refurbished properties. Our experienced and friendly staff will make the whole process of clearance as easy as it is possible, even if you are abroad or contacting us from other city. We provide our own tippers to remove unwanted items after house clearance. Our aim is to assist you fully by taking care of the entire job from start to finish. MKL Waste is a professional and environmentally responsible solution for businesses and individuals to get rid of their rubbish and junk quickly and easily. We specialise in house clearance in London area. If you live or work in EC3 contact us on 0208 341 2789 or email us at

About Aldgate EC3

Aldgate EC3 Originally Ealdgate (‘ the old gate’), a Roman gate at the start of the route leading from the City to Colchester, the Roman capital, its gatehouse included apartments. Here at Aldgate, the poet Geoffrey Chaucer lived rent free. in return for allowing troops use of the fortification in time of attack, from 1374 to 1385 while engaged in customs duties for the government at the nearby Port of London, and wrote a number of works including Troilus and Criseyde (1385). The surrounding area of Aldgate suffered considerable hardship during the 1665 Plague and as Daniel Defoe noted in A Journal of the Plague Year (1722): ‘There was no parish in or about London where [the plague] raged with such violence as in… Aldgate.’ The gate was demolished in 1761 and Aldgate, the road named after the gate, became heavily commercialized, attracting in the nineteenth century shops associated with the local clothing trade that were mostly staffed by Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe. Although some clothing shops remain the industry has now moved east and is run by Bangladeshis. At the junction of Aldgate, Fenchurch Street and Leadenhall Street is Aldgate Pump, which ceased being used for dispensing water in 1876 when locals complained about the unusual taste. The stream that fed the well was examined, and it was discovered that the water passed through a graveyard route to Aldgate and had been contaminated by human remains